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Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Beauty Salon Website you can now book online 

Booking Online is very simple, a Deposit is required and can be paid online on the Deposit tab on this site.  This site will bring you to a secured payment site to collect deposits in the amount of $50 for any Braids, Rope Twist, Or Micro Braids appointments are required to confirm your appointment.  This Deposit goes towards your balance that you will owe on day of services and will be deducted from total amount. 

** Dread Extensions Clients Deposit for Dreads is the amount needed to purchase hair to do dread installation.  You will be instructed by Bee what the amount needed to be paid before your appointment.  Balance is paid on day of service.  These deposits are non-refundable and cannot be credited for future service.  

**If you call in your appointment to come in to our Hair Salon you can call, text, or email your request for an appointment.  Clients will  have to go on website to make a deposit payment or come in person, or call in your credit card via phone.  All Payment methods used by Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. is secured payment methods that has been set in place to convenient my clients. 

Deposits is $50 and goes towards your balance for services on the day you booked your appointment.  If you miss this appointment your deposit will be void and another deposit will be required to book another appointment.  The purpose of doing this is to ensure we are available at the time your requested our time.  If you cannot make it for any reason we are at lost of a few hours of work.  In some cases hair has to be purchased before confirming appointment for dread installation hair can be be paid for by phone or in person during consultation. or

Make your appointment using any of the following: via telephone, text, email, and online.

 Appointments should be scheduled in advance and no walk-ins please.   We respect your time; however, please allow about 30-45 minute wait in case we are finishing up with the last client. We work fast and give you express service whether you ask for it or not that is our motto. 

All appointments are confirmed once deposits are made.

Deposits are required on all MICRO BRAIDS, ROPE TWIST OR DREAD EXT. All appointments are confirmed with an email confirmation.  Even if you book online yourself there will be another email sent to you for request of Deposit. Once paid it confirm your appointment those who wait for last minute to pay deposit your appt will not be confirmed and if time slot is still available will be a $15 late fee charge for last minute booking and time slot may change but will be same day service requested.  

Bee has over 20 years of experience doing Braids, and Starting dreads a loctician in her own special way with unheard of methods. Original techniques and types of products used to create beautiful locs and maintain them as well.  These special techniques that BraidsbyBee offers such as Dread Repairs, Reinforcing roots of dreads, Fixing Broken Dreads, Filling in Balding areas with Dread Bridges that is handmade by BraidsbyBee.  Bee services are trademarked with the United States Patent of Trademark Services for this particular reason because services offered here are above and beyond what most are aware of.  There is no training for this type of service.  This is a self taught skill and with time you create your own techniques and own methods to make things happen.  BraidsbyBee has created methods that has created styles such as Wrapping Your Dreads, Reinforcing Your Dreads, Repositioning Your Dreads, Extending Your dreads, Instant Dread Extensions, Sisterloc Extensions.  BraidsbyBee has been in the business for over 20 years and has set trends all over the world with clients flying in to get this type of service whenever needed for a big fix.  Dread Repairs will have you feeling brand new and never wanting to neglect your dreads again.  Your dreadlocks is on your crown of your head where it should be treated with Tender Loving Care.  Whenever one needs some TLC they know to come find BraidsbyBee aka DreadsbyBee at The Braiding Depot Inc. The Best in the Business.  Check the reviews and the stats.  Numbers tell a lot. 

of all texture types and all ages, Starting Dreadlocks from scratch and providing maintenance.  Bee has experience in Braiding Natural hair, Creating styles for Natural Hair textures of all kind.  We can make suggestions for adding Human Remy Virgin Hair, or Synthetic Hair Extension to your natural hair or some choose human hair.  

We are experienced in many different Styles besides 

braiding.  I use Keratin Fusion,strand by strand methods for fusion hair extensions. I braid customers natural hair and add on sew on weft/weave. I braid or twist Human or synthetic hair into your natural hair.  

I also have experience

 starting Dreadlocks from scratch using 4 different methods 

with any texture hair. Dreadlocks is becoming more popular

these days; however, everyone has different hair textures. Well don't worry 

I have experience with all textures, whether you?re chinese, japanese, African-American, Bi-racial,

Latino, or white, it doesn't matter to me. I have 

created techniques to create dreads from scratch for all hair types, especially those dealing with hair-loss or bald spots. 

  BraidsybyBee Salon is  into growing your hair

 not causing it to break. I take pride and enjoy seeing 

clients start over and see them go natural or start dreads.  Watching Your hair grow and 

as I've been often told, I have growing hands, I enjoy when someone has been to me for years and is loyal to know that I'm responsible for that growth from the care I put into it.  

I have pictures from the start till 5,

 6, 7 years later to show the growth and

 the difference.  I have had the same customers come back 

to me religiously for

 over 10 years at my shop.  My expertise includes styles

 such as Micro Braids, Invisible Braids, all size Box

 braids, Kanekolan Rope Double twist, Kinky 

hair Rope twist, Natural hair rope sengalese

twist, Dreadlocks Extension also known as what Bee calls them Instant Locks

 or Mantaining,

Fusion Hair Extensions with Remy Hair, 

Children design corn row braids, Dread lock styling Starting 

Dreads from Scratch.  

Human Hair weft sew in, or added with

Keratin Fusion strand by strand, 

net sew in's, Coloring Done on Premises. 

 My designer Corn Row Braids, Twist, and Dreadlocks has unlimited different styles, 

Creative customized Designed Corn Rows by Bee 

that are freestyle creations by me BEE. Many Braids Designs 

are inspired by me or the customer brings

 in a picture that I master.  I can design any braids

on your head you just ask!  I can write your

name on your head that?s how


I know my Braiding skills are.  

Bee recently worked @ Cutmasters Barbershop

 for 4 Years as a Hair Braider located near her for the

 convenience of being able to work everyday.

 Prior to this BraidsbyBee worked for Another Shop called

Around the Way Kutz now called the Jump off

for 4 years until they went out of business she moved on to Cutmasters.   

Cutmasters Barbershop is located in the city of Sunrise, FL.  

BraidsbyBee loved and worked well with Both Barbershops and was sad to 

leave both shops, progress and persistence have led her to her Best Move,  Braides By Bee @ The Braiding Depot in 2011.

Now Bee & Staff can be Found @ 

The Braiding Depot Beauty Hair Salon

8789 NW 50th Street

Sunrise, FL 33351

(Corner of Pine Island Road and 50th Street) 

To schedule an appointment with Bee please call, text or 

simply go on the Appointment

TAB on this SITE and make your appointment hassle free online :) 

954-323-2339 shop  

954-297-5466 Cell (call or text)  

Email Bee Directly at

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