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ORIGINATOR OR DREAD EXTENSIONS aka InstantLocs™ AND BEST KNOWN TO REPAIR DREADS Known as the Dread Dr. THAT HAS YEARS of Experience of Fixing wear and tear from  DAMAGES that occur with Natural Dreadlocks. . 

Bee First Ad out on Sharpsaver magazine.  Offering My Design Invisible Corn Row braids with a little of extensions to enhance length and last longer.  These are called Fishbone braids freestyle by Bee herself.

Best Braid Styles
Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.™

Braids by Bee offer these jumbo Rope twist that we complete within 4 hours at Braids by Bee.

Best Braid Styles 

InstantLocs by Bee at Braids by Bee at The Braiding Depot Inc. this is one of the services my company offers Dread Extensions that are permanent for the growth of natural dreads no more ugly stages.

     Dread Extensions Aka Instantlocs™ 

Bee first promo ad on Sharpsaver Magazine.  Bee shows her different styles coming from Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.  Unique braids, Dreads Extensions, Micro Braids, Kinky Rope twist, and many more that we offer and love to do.

      Dread Extensions 
Invisible Braids 
Micro Braids 
Rope Twist 
Natural Dreadlock Repairs

Bee offers Dread Extensions to start out natural dreads these are permanent and will never be removed once done.  Her natural hair will grow out with dreads and she will continue to maintain them once a month.

      Dread Extensions aka Instantlocs™

Start your dreads with BraidsbyBee today aka DreadsbyBee offer no ugly stages and now one day of service will get you permanent dreadlocks with our techniques.

  InstantLocs™ by Braids by Bee 


         Braids By Bee 

Bee is known to make recommendations even if you don't ask, it will be mention what needs to be done.  Unlike any other! Self taught and no one has these skills, so ask and read reviews before asking for help. When Bee consults she gives you the hard ugly truth and will give you top quality service. Been catering to dreads over 25 years and still counting.